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Giant Vegetable Seeds

Eventually, every serious vegetable gardener gets the urge to grow the biggest vegetables around. Enter the world of giant vegetables.

Okay, you may not strive to grow the largest giant vegetable in the world. But, you do want bragging rights among your fellow gardeners.

While giant pumpkins attract the most attention, there are plenty of other giant vegetables to try out in your back yard garden.

It's all in the seed. Just like anything else, acquiring vegetable seeds with the genetics to grow enormous vegetables, makes your quest possible. Armed with the right seeds, growing the "big one" is now up to your gardening expertise, along with an assist from Mother Nature.

Here are some of the more popular giant vegetable seeds:

Giant Cantaloupe - Planter's Jumbo Cantaloupe produces a fruit 7 to 8 inches in diameter. It can weigh up to 5 pounds.

Giant Onions - Try growing Ailsa Craig giant onions. Know for its size, this white onion can grow up to 5 pounds. It has a sweet flavor, too!

Giant Peppers - Emerald Giant pepper seeds are capable of producing huge green sweet peppers, up to 5 inches in diameter. That makes a mighty big stuffed pepper! It's a prolific producer, too. There is also a "Giant Big Red" sweet pepper, that grows up to 4 inches in diameter.

Giant Pumpkins

Nothing carries as much attention and fascination, as giant pumpkins. One reason is because they grow so big...over one ton!

Dill's Atlantic Giant - Atlantic Giant pumpkins are the gigantic, grand daddys of all pumpkins. With the right seed genetics, you can compete at the

Big Max - This is a pumpkin variety to put on display on your front porch. Weighing up to 100 pounds, Big Max pumpkins are nearly round with a red-orange skin.

Big Moon - Seeds from this variety produce a bright orange, fast growing beauty, that can reach a weight of 200 pounds.

Giant Sunflowers - Looking to grow a sunflower with the biggest head, and one of the tallest plants? Pick up a packet or two of Mammoth Russian Sunflower seeds. The heads can grow 12 inches in diameter. How to grow giant sunflowers.

Giant Tomatoes - Most tomato varieties grow fruit from about a half a pound to one pound. To grow truly huge tomatoes, get "Giant Red Beefsteak" tomato seeds. The gigantic fruit typically grows from one up to three pounds. Tip: To grow really huge tomatoes, cull some of the fruit from the plant.

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