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February Gardening - Top Ten Growing Tips

Gardening Tip #1: Did you harvest and save some of your own seeds for planting this spring? It's time to do a seed germination test, to make certain the seeds are viable. Learn how.......

Gardening Tip #2: February 2nd is Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil, the ground hog prognosticator, will let us know whether we can start our indoor starts, or whether there will be six more weeks of winter... pray for clouds.

Gardening Tip #3: Many home gardeners and professional farmers, plant by the phases of the moon. What is that all about!?. Find out now.......

Gardening Tip #4: How are your houseplants? If they are not perky enough, perhaps the soil pH is out of whack. About soil testers. Find the proper pH level for your indoor plant.

Gardening Tip #5: During Valentines, roses send a message from the sender to the receiver. Not all roses sent are red, as the color of the rose expresses the meaning. The meaning of each rose color.......

Gardening Tip #6: Did you ever think about a raised bed? Winter is the perfect time to think about whether a raised bed is right for you, and your flowers, vegetables and herbs. Explore raised garden beds.......

Gardening Tip #7: Many of us grow a variety of pepper plants. Some are hot, and some are not. Do you have room to experiment with a variety you've never grown before?....Kewl!! Varieties of Peppers.......

Gardening Tip # 8: Did you get our free seed catalog? With almost 500 varieties of discount seeds, what are you waiting for?. Download our free Seed Catalog

Gardening Tip #9: Got Deer!? A lot of us do. Now is a great time to discover what flowers deer are not fond of. Deer Resistant flowers.......

Gardening Tip #10: Are you ready to try growing a giant pumpkin? Perhaps, you will shoot for the world record... why not!? You'll need to find out just how big the world record is.

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