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Top 10 Signs You Have Gone Over the Garden Edge......

10. Your favorite poem is "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.

9. Your kids are named Rose, Violet, Daisy and Zucchini.

8. You have 8 X 10 family pictures of your Tomatoes and Peppers on your office shelf.

7. Your idea of Saturday Date Night is going out in the garden and hand pollinating the plants.

6. You think a cocktail is liquid fertilizer.

5. You rush home from work and go straight to the garden and hug your roses. (Ouch!) Then, you go in to your house and see you family.

4. On Christmas Eve, visions of "Sugar Peas" dance in your head.

3. After the first frost, you are seen holding funeral services in your garden.

2. You take your kids multiple vitamins from them to use as a supplement to your plants fertilizer.

And, the number one sign that you have gone over the garden edge is..

Number 1 Reason

Attractive, long lasting and affordable. Guarden raised bed frames are the strongest in the industry.

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