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How not to get sick in winter and take care of loved ones


That was the height of autumn, and the temperature, which is still trying to stay above zero, quickly gives up. In a couple of weeks, snow will lie in most of our country, and the thermometer's mark will drop below zero for many months.

With a climate like ours, it’s very difficult to stay healthy all year. Under all weather conditions - rain, snow, blizzard, sun, cold winds, etc ... we are trying to get clothes in which we will be comfortable with the elements. But besides the street, we are also at home. In winter, any window on ventilation, cools the temperature very much, as well as the air in the house itself, as well as the temperature of the floors. Therefore, many of us, having come home and, having thrown off boots, change shoes in our favorite slippers. And this is absolutely correct!

We all know the saying: “Keep your feet warm” and this is really very important! It is very easy to catch a common cold through the cooled legs, which seems to be okay, but still unpleasant. But these are not the worst consequences of hypothermia of the legs, for example, in women, this can cause quite serious inflammations that can lead to long-term, expensive treatment.

Conclusion: that on the street at home, be sure to keep your legs warm if you want to be healthy. Especially, in order to fulfill this condition of maintaining good health was pleasant, we added to the range of our online store, chuni - high home boots, conquered the hearts of fashionistas in all corners of the world. Soft and warm, with a variety of stylish design, these wonderful slippers are perfect for a variety of women and girls who want to preserve their health, and stay beautiful at any time, no matter where they are. Will get acquainted with our collection chun, you can here.

And for those who have already caught a cold, we have collected a few recipes that can alleviate the disease and speed up recovery:

Ginger recipe:

- juice of half a lemon

-2 tsp ginger (minced)

-2 s.l. Teddy bear

-1/2 Art. boiling water

Mix all ingredients, let stand 15 minutes, take 2-3 times a day

Recipe for adults:

100 ml - favorite tea

100ml - red wine

100 gr. Raspberry jam

All mix, drink hot at night

Garlic oil

(delicious and healthy recipe, especially good for the prevention of colds and flu):

-5 cloves of garlic

- cream butter

Mix crushed garlic with butter. Use as usual butter (sandwiches, for frying, for pancakes ...)


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